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Detective Agency in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I prefer only

Mainly because we are Hyderabad's Local Detective Agency from your own City & State, we have an assortment of handpicked operators who are trained to carry out investigation in a discrete manner. We are in this business for over 03 decades and assure that confidentiality of any and every case offloaded to us is of prime importance. Our core strength is Private Investigations in Andhra Pradesh (Anaparti, Bandar, Chittoor, Cuddapah, Gudur, Guntur, Hyderabad, Kakinada, Nellore, Puttaparthi, Rajahmundry, Ramagundam, Secunderabad, Tirupati, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Warangal. etc). As Lynx Detective Agency Hyderabadis a local agency, having local agents, we know the language, history & geography of Hyderabad and the City & Area of action, knowing the people, places, every road, nooks & corners, the local environment at its best, thus it makes us the best agency to deal with. We have friends and contacts almost everywhere in Hyderabad these being one of the few reasons why you should prefer

2. What is the necessity of a Private Investigator?
The primary occupation of a private investigator is to carry out an investigation in the most discrete manner to avoid leakage of his/her identity. In Majority of the cases the client attempts in carrying out investigation themselves, regrettably making "The Subject" alert. In case "The Subject" is alert that he/she is being tailed, carrying out investigation for a second time on them is a very complicated job. We suggest the clients to delegate investigation to an expert agency like ours. There are various technical facets which are involved in investigation which is the key necessity of a private investigator.

3. What are the factors to be taken into consideration before choosing a detective agency?

You should ensure that the detective agency to which your case is delegated comprises of the following –

  1. An official address which is in existence, the client should visit the office before delegating the case.
  2. Ensure that the detective agency guarantees you that under any circumstances confidentiality will be upheld.
  3. Confirm the success percentage of the case in quotient and the mode of report delivery.
  4. Have ardent knowledge of the know how of investigation both personal and commercial.
  5. Examines into details and carries out meticulous analysis and interpretation of the job at hand.
  6. Other factors to be taken into consideration are the transparency, experience, authentic information and superior leadership.

4. What is the expertise/skill level of the agents?

Our team in Hyderabad is headed by Senior Ex-Military Officers who are steered by our head office in Bangalore. Our agents have widespread experience and expertise in carrying out any type of investigation. We have been carrying out investigation for over 03 decades, our core team and panel team exists of close to 500 members. We have dealt with all category of cases and have an astounding retention rate of close to 90% i.e. 90% of our clients are repetitive due to the level of satisfaction provided at our end.

5. What should I know about investigation work?

Investigation work is an extremely tedious job, our agents face high risks which is the main reason investigative services charges are slightly on the expensive side. The consequence of any case succeeding depends on the agency chosen; we always guide our clients in carrying out a background check on the detective agency before divulging sensitive information. It is crucial that you opt for an organization based on competence, reliability, proven track record and upkeep of sensitive information.

To guarantee the success of a case delegated to Lynx Detective Agency Hyderabadit is obligatory that the client discloses all information regarding the case, any information concealed will adversely influence the case.

6. Which cities in India do you undertake cases?

We have branches which are strategically located in majority cities of India namely Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata and several more.

Cases undertaken in Hyderabad for other states are delegated to our respective branches. We are in constant touch with our respective branches from the initiation to execution stage of the assignment. Our team of detectives are constantly involved in the case; we assure enhanced delivery of all investigation since we are a conglomerate of branches due to which our company is called Lynx "GROUP".

7. What is the necessary information required to commence an investigation?

Our mode of investigation is based on information disseminated to us. It is essential that the client informs us of any and every information regarding the case irrespective of its significance. The basic information of "The Subject" required are name, photo, physical description, vehicle information, intention of investigation, timeframe, official and residential address, habits and any other additional information that can be given.

8. What is the method of solving my case?

Every case is unique on its own, case planning and execution will vary from case to case. Each case is considered in exclusivity, there is no set method in solving a case.

9. How confidential is the investigation?

Our system of performing the assigned case is 100% confidential; we sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) with our potential clients to avoid any information leakage. We also sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) with our agents. Our operators are never aware who has offloaded the assignment; there is never a link between operator and client. "The Subject" on whom investigation is carried out is in no way aware of our operators carrying out surveillance, in case "The Subject" is vaguely doubtful that he is being tailed we call off the case for the day and change the team.

10. What is the timeframe for executing a case?

On receipt of details to carry out investigative operation we will be able to give you a time-scale projection. The execution timeframe varies from every individual case; some assignments take days or weeks and sometime even months. It all depends upon the evidence required and intricacy of the case, our experience facilitates us in providing information with a realistic time frame. On the other hand, some case like Pre Matrimonial Investigations can take anywhere between 7 to 10 working days.

11. What are your charges?

Our charges are based on the information given to us and the complexity of the operation. Other factors that affect the charges are the time, resources, area of operation and equipments required to undertake the same. Since the nature of each case is unique, depending on the intricacies involved, information, scope, technicality and level of operation, it is not suitable to maintain a fixed charge for all our services. The fee charged for each case will depend on the number of days, efforts in terms of manpower, equipment, vehicles, planning, supervision level, requirement of personal involvement at higher levels, cultivation of new moles relevant to the target, accessibility to target/ subject, incidental expenditure and payoff, analysis and hazard/risk factor etc. Therefore, the investment are determined on a case-to-case basis and customized to fit the elements of the project.

Once this has been agreed, we then require signing a contract narrating the details of the client's requirement, the cost, the time involved and on receipt of an advance payment we begin the operation. Advance payment is usually 80% since that is our operational cost in executing the case; we take the balance payment during delivery of the case report.

12. How quickly can you begin an investigation?

We prefer to have at least a 24 hours prior notice; however it is sometimes possible to begin a case within 1-3 hours. Weekends are the busiest times and therefore, would usually require extra advance notice. We would first need to collect all the case details and facts regarding the case to obtain and execute the necessary forms/formalities before we can initiate the investigation.

13. There are several other Detective Agencies why should I hire you?

There are more than 2000 "So to Say" Detective Agencies in every state. Most of them are "Fly by Night Detective Operators" which have mushroomed. Even Marriage Bureau's, Placement Agencies, Mobile Shop, Wine Shops, Beauty Parlors, Recovery Agencies, Advocates & even Small Criminals advertise to be detective agencies. Thus, one has to be very careful before revealing their secrets to others.

Most of the Detective Agencies are fly by night operators who claim to provide investigative services also, but it requires complete dedication and the investigators should be thorough professionals and properly trained, you cannot expect a dwindling agency to conduct secret investigations.

Our Company is incorporated with the Register of Companies and rendering services since the last 31 years. Above all we are professional and experienced fact finders. When there is a question you need answered, we will help. We provide only the facts and so we call it "A Fact Finding Mission". We are spending enormous amount of money to educate the public to be cautious of such advertisements.

14. Who are your satisfied clients? Name few of them?

Due to a NDA (non disclosure agreement) with our clients we cannot reveal any names due to confidentiality. Nevertheless let us assure you that we are in the business since the last 31 years operating from the same offices and are growing leaps & bounds and we are financially a very sound company which has only become possible because of our services to our satisfied clients. We have been rendering services to fortunes 500 multinationals, Indian corporate houses and government organizations besides prominent individuals.

15. Do you undertake Covert Video & Audio Surveillance?

Secret Audio, Video recording and Sting operations are undertaken by using modern listening devices which are tiny, powerful and easy to hide, if someone has access to the target premises for only a short time, they could listen to any conversation taking place. All this can be easily recorded with covert surveillance equipment. On the contrary our experts also have the competence to de-bug your premises using state of art electronic detectors to optimize your corporate

16. How do I receive my report?

You may collect your report personally from our office or we can send it by regular mail, facsimile, or e-mail. Documents or proofs that are obtained as part of an investigation case can also be sent via the same methods. Still photographs can be scanned and sent as e-mail or a regular mail if required and video footage can be sent in the usual format or CD or DVD.

17. Will the information collected be reliable?

The facts detected are furnished to the client. So the information supplied to the client after the case is solved is entirely reliable.

18. How do you access the information on your report?

Access to information found on your report is obtained in various manners. Information is obtained through confidential work with employers, schools, people, companies, governmental agencies, courts, licensing bureaus, credit bureaus, and direct sources of police records.

19. How sure am I about authenticity of information?

Our authenticity verification mantra is Check, Recheck & Counter Check, thus eliminating all chances of unauthentic information.

20. How do I pay?

You can make payments through Cheque / Draft or Cash. International payments can be made through wire transfers, transfers through Western Union Money Transfer or any other methods as mutually convenient.

21. What are your hours of operation?

We operate on a 24 x 7 x 365 days basis. You can get in touch with us any time.

22. Will I have a one-point contact throughout the case?

The head of our respective branches will be your one-point contact throughout the project. He will personally see to all the details. The intricacies of the case will be thoroughly explained and documented. Since, the management of the project is centralized; confidentiality does not become an issue.

23. Do you provide a local person whom we can contact and he/she reports to us?

Although, our Head of the respective branch Offices will report to you directly and you have to contact him, any time during the operation. This policy is only to keep confidentiality of our client's identity and information.

If requested by the client, we will provide one key person to handle your case. Our researchers are trained in all phases of pre- post employment check, pre-post matrimonial check, background screening and in the event your assigned representative is not available, another case representative or a member of our investigation crew can assist you.

24. How do we find you?

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